Factors That Impact The Overall Cost Of Mobile App Development In 2022

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How much would it cost to develop a mobile app for your business? It is one of the first things you must take into account when estimating the cost of mobile app development in 2022.

There are various ways to receive an estimate for your app project. Contacting the best app development company in Gold Coast, Australia is the most reliable option.

But, if you don’t want to do that upfront, we have brought you this article to help you comprehend which factors determine the price of mobile app development and what cost range you can expect for your future project.

Let’s begin with the reasons behind building a mobile application.

Why Should You Build A Mobile App?

To understand if a mobile app can benefit your business or organization, consider the following data on mobile app usage at present:

 A mobile app will significantly increase your company’s or business’s user experience and exposure. People are constantly utilizing mobile apps, and with the ideal mobile app, you can do a lot to help your company prosper.

However, the mobile app development process can be intimidating, and we want to support you in feeling prepared to choose the best app developers in Gold Coast, Australia and understand the average cost to create a mobile app.

What Factors Influence App Development Costs?

There are several crucial aspects to consider when building your app concept, mobile app design, and app development budget in an app development project. The way you consider these aspects throughout the discovery stage of your mobile app can have an impact on the overall price of your mobile app.

Let’s go deeper into the key elements to better understand the app development costs which may arise during the app development process.

1. Devices And Platforms

While iOS and Android applications are quite similar in general, most developers still recommend businesses to build a native app on one platform first before developing the other, particularly for younger startup companies. This is why deciding on the platform and devices for your apps early on is a fantastic first step.

Because an Android app is substantially more difficult to construct, most developers suggest starting with an iOS app. In certain situations, the Android app development process may even take twice or thrice as long as designing the app for iOS. When your native applications have gained popularity or usage on one platform, you can hire a development team to undertake cross-platform app development and have your apps available on several platforms.

Developing for both Android and iOS at the same time can be costly, but if you have a significant upfront app development budget and are willing to invest in mobile app development for both the major platforms, you can hire a top mobile app development company in Gold Coast, Australia to make your app iOS and Android compatible.

2. Goal And Functioning

The app’s general goal is vital to understand since it will help you evaluate whether you need a sophisticated app or a basic mobile app. Furthermore, the role of your app might influence the type of app features you will require.

For example, if you want to create an enterprise-grade mobile app, which is an app used by staff in an enterprise or a big organization, you will need a very intricate app that can process large amounts of data, which will most likely have a very high development budget.

Or, if you were to create consumer applications, which are primarily for personal use, you would need to consider the visual components as well as app marketing. As a result, the goal and function of the mobile app are critical for estimating app development costs and developing a successful app development approach.

3. Features That Encourage User Engagement

Authorization, networking, alerts, and other features fall within this category. A user authorisation feature, like any other feature, can be simple or sophisticated.

Adding features like password storage, password recovery, appealing aesthetic design, or social network logging will raise the price of your app. Push notifications, social sharing, and commenting and liking content via social media accounts will all incur additional cost. It is worth noting that they frequently necessitate third-party integrations.

4. Hardware Features

Choosing the hardware capabilities you want is an important aspect of calculating the cost of app development.

For example, if you want to create an app that showcases different sites in a city, you must consider the app development cost for including location-based services such as GPS in your mobile app.

Or, if you want to create an app that is focused on making social connections or contains critical information that you want to convey to your customers, you should think about including push notifications.

Most mobile apps do not require all of the most advanced app features and identifying what hardware features will boost your app’s usefulness can help you save time and money on development.

5. Visual Complexity

The intricacy of an app’s visual component will impact its architecture, total development time, and pricing. Many businesses find having a visually attractive app with innovative features highly enticing; however, they often fail to consider how the app complexity will contribute to the increased app development cost.

Highly qualified mobile app developers in Gold Coast, Australia can assist in giving reasonable expectations based on your app development budget. But if you have a limited budget, you can still employ a software development team to create an app that will do for your business.

6. Maintenance

It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of early app development and concentrate purely on the app’s design and functionality, but app maintenance is a critical component of any solid mobile app development plan. Nobody likes it when the mobile apps fail or collapse while they are in use.

In many situations, the maintenance cost might account for a considerable fraction of the initial development cost (about 15% – 20%). Its cost is determined by the agreed period and the number of hours necessary for adequate assistance.

Moreover, as your mobile apps increase in popularity, app maintenance becomes increasingly essential in providing a favourable customer experience to your audience. This is also where professional app developers in Gold Coast, Australia can conduct app testing and search for any issues throughout the development process.

7. Team Setup

The cost of developing your app will also be determined by the composition of your team. The size of the team should be determined by your requirements. A typical development team comprises of one Product Owner (from your side), one Scrum Master, one Quality Assurance Engineer, two Android developers, two iOS developers, one Business Analyst (optional), and one UX/UI Designer (optional). You are the one who will select the team structure.
Cost Of Basic App Development

For most basic apps, $10,000 to $20,000 is a reasonable beginning cost range. To build a decent quality app with a professional agency, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000 to get your app off the ground, not to mention the app maintenance charges that will arise later on. Building complex apps with advanced features and integrations may cost you higher- over $30,000.

Note that these figures are not precise and can change depending upon your requirements and project scope.

Why Outsourcing Is A Smart Choice?

Since outsourcing software development is so prominent, outsourcing companies are well prepared to manage such engagements.

Video-conferencing and messaging solutions make communicating with an external team extremely easy. Also, professional service providers ensure that the remote team has all of the necessary tools and adheres to the best industry practices for a seamless development process.


Always remember that creating an excellent-quality, lucrative application is no easy undertaking. In reality, it needs a diverse set of abilities and knowledge for an app to achieve recognition and encourage smartphone users to begin using it.

It’s also worth noting that there are several other costs associated with app development that go beyond the original v1.0 charge. That being said, you’ll want to include a modest app budget for ongoing upgrades and security updates, as well as any other future maintenance.

Contact Zimble Code, if you are seeking an experienced mobile app development company in Gold Coast, Australia. We have completed a lot of projects for clients from all over the world in a variety of sectors.

We hope this post has helped you understand how much it uses to build a mobile phone app and what aspects influence the overall cost of your app development.


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